Welcome to Wildwood

This is the World of Darkness.

The world has grown cold. Humans, in their quest to answer the mysteries of the universe, have lost their sense of wonder. They have turned away from the magic of the world, only to replace it with a barren, sterile, banal existence. Mortals have forgotten how to dream…

This is the story of the changelings. Call them the Fair Folk, fae or faeries. They are the last remnants of the dream left in this Autumn World. The gates to Arcadia are closed. These few are stranded, clinging to the little stands of glamour left. They must adapt to survive, and it is growing colder.

For the inhabitants of Wildwood, the strain of humanity’s disbelief is punctuated by the politics and machinations of those struggling for power within this sinking ship. A war is brewing between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, with the Shadow Court pulling all the strings. High King David has gone missing, and his absence, the fight for the crown has begun.

The Freehold of Wildwood is located on Manhattan Island and currently exists as a neutral territory night club. The keeper of the balefire is Lady Katrina O’Neill, a satyr ennobled commoner. Recently, several fae have awakened and are currently undergoing their training and acclimation into fae society.

Wildwood - A Changeling: the Dreaming campaign

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